December 22, 2009

29 weeks and counting

We are now 29 weeks. My blood pressures have started to go up. I will be doing a 24 hour urine collection (TMI) to check my protein. We want to check to see if I am developing pre-eclampsia which we all have a feeling might happen. We are very greatful for the health and strength that I have been blessed with in this pregnancy. We are blessed that nothing has showed up until now. We had an apointment today and baby's heartbeat was 150 which is where he tends to stay. We are unable to travel for the holidays, so we are staying here in Missouri and will spend time with my dad and step-mom. This is our 3rd Christmas together and on the 26th we will celebrate 3 years from our first date. Practically since we met since we met online and went on a blind date of sorts. I can not believe that in less than 10 weeks we will have this beautiful baby boy to hold. We have another apointment next Tuesday to check the results of the test and to check my blood pressures which I will be taking religiously this next week twice a day. We are excited and nervous as well. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.