November 18, 2009

22 weeks 5 days

We are 24 weeks today. Everything is going good. I have come to the realization that I might just have nausea all the way to the end. But, it is NOT near anything like it was th first 14 weeks. My blood pressure did spike a little for a few days but it is better now. We only have 16 weeks left til our due date however will probably be induced around 36 or 37 weeks. Depending on his lungs. James is getting very excited as well. So are our families. This is the first grandson on his side of the family. We have the nursery mostly done and I got all of his clothes pre-wahed and folded and ready to go. The only thing we still have to get for the nursery at least is a changing table and a crib matress. This time has flown by so fast. I remember those fist 16 weeks were so slow it was like each day felt like a week. But now we look at the calendar and are like wow we are 24 weeks. Wait, What? He truly is a blessing and this is truly a great time in our lives. James said that this is our last "quiet" Christmas together for many years to come. BUt I am excited for those Christmases with our children. I made the comment to James that I feel like a hippo and he said that I was the smallest, most dainty , beautiful hippo ever. Then I said that they are born at 500 lbs so what is he really saying?