September 20, 2009

James and I have been called to be primary teachers in the CTR 6 class of our church. We have 15 six year-olds. They are not a bad class just a very rambunctous class that like to push the limits. We have only taught once but we like it and we like the kids. ( most of them) Just joking. James' parents came into town this weekend and we went to Branson and got to go to the Sons of The Pioneers dinner show. James and I and the grub were the youngest 3 people there by about 30 plus years. But we had fun. I am now 15 weeks along and everything is going well. At my last apointment the baby's heart was beating 150 BPMs. We are very excited. October 6th we will hopefully get to find out the gender. We have an ultrasound but wether or not we have a modest baby is the question. When that day comes we will update our post of the news.

September 7, 2009

What a wonderful day!

Last Monday on the 31st of August, we were sealed for time and all eternity in the Nauvoo,Il temple. The day was beautiful. We had found a rental house that they rent during the summer. All of James' siblings and their spouses and 2 children and his parents and my parents were all able to stay in one house and enjoy dinner together. The whole experience was amazing. In James' words, "It was awesome!" We are now 13 1/2 weeks along and at last in our second trimester. We are very thankful to our Heavenly Father for the opportunity at this time in our lives to become parents. We are happy that eveything is going well so far. Our next apointment is September 17. Also that weekend James' parents, George and Mary will be here for a few days. We have planned on taking them and my parents out to dinner on Friday. We are excited to have them here. We will keep updating as things happen.